The Gift of Vision

After a lot of thinking and dreaming, brothers Garrett and Tucker Wentz, and Karley Woodrich, decided it was time to put their ideas into action. With Christmas around the corner, they started making a plan with the intention of gifting the homeless with restored vision. They knew their biggest obstacle was finances but with hope, they started a Go Fund Me page with the financial goal of $2100 which would cover the cost of glasses for the 82 people who were living in this homeless community. In less than 24 hours they had exceeded their goal because of the generous hearts of others. The next obstacle was obtaining the equipment needed to perform the eye exams. Garrett reached out to a fellow Lubbock optometrist and friend, Dr. Hamilton, who generously offered the use of his equipment. This was a huge blessing and even more than that, affirmation that this is where God was leading Highflyer. With increased enthusiasm, their plan was beginning to fall into place. 

After weeks of planning, December 2nd had finally arrived and Highflyer headed to Paul's Project to provide eye exams. Highflyer was humbled to see friends and family show up that day in order to help the process run smoothly. They were able to assess vision and eye health and provide a prescription for glasses. The patients were able to choose a frame that fit their style. Relationships were formed, stories were told, and hearts were humbled. Everybody was eager for the arrival of their new glasses.

On December 13th, Highflyer headed back out to Paul's Project to give the gift of vision. One by one, each person put on their glasses for the first time. Tears were shed and lives were changed. The experience was just as rewarding for Highflyer as it was for the people at Paul's Project, as they knew this was just the beginning. 

They left that day encouraged and inspired to continue giving others the gift of vision. Highflyer would like to thank everyone who made this possible. It's because of you, these people were able to see clearly just in time for Christmas.